Funny Monday Memes To Help You Start The Work Week

It’s Monday and you’re just starting your week at work. The weekend went by way too fast and now it’s time to focus on work. Funny Monday memes are a great way to start Monday and help you get a jump start. Funny Monday memes are also a great way to get motivation to get out of the house and make your way to work.

Leave the Monday blues behind and check out these Monday memes in the morning as you’re drinking your coffee. Coffee is something great to wake up to, and so are these funny Monday memes. Check them out, get some meme gift ideas and share them with your friends, co-workers, or even your boss.

We all know Monday is cursed, so here are some Monday memes to make it better.

When you realize it’s Monday

Monday meme

Monday and me

Monday meme

You’re telling me Monday happens every week?

Monday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday meme

Pets, kids and adults all have the same feeling about Monday, we hate it and just want to stay in bed. Monday memes can make you smile and feeling great about the start of your day. Have a coffee, sit back, and laugh at some of the funniest Monday memes.

Monday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday memeMonday meme

And just like that “poof” weekend gone!

Monday meme

Why do weekends always seem to go by way too fast? Usually my Friday night is the best time of the week because it’s the start of the weekend, but here we are Monday morning and it seems like a snap of the fingers and Monday is gone. This creepy cat meme tells the perfect story.

Happy Friday! Wait, sorry, It’s Monday.

Monday meme

If someone said this to be on a Monday I would truly be mad and angry. Friday’s are the best day of the week and we don’t need someone pranking us that it’s Friday. This funny Monday meme can be sent to any of your friends and I’m sure they will forgive you by the middle of the week.

This is me on Monday

Monday meme

This orange and white cat knows how it feels on Monday, this is her Monday face.

This is my Monday face…

Monday meme

My face on Monday is always ugly. It just wants to lay flat and never go back to being happy until I’ve had my coffee and it’s Friday. This dog’s Monday face says it all.

cursed teeth

Cursed teeth during covid

Cursed windshield

Cursed Windshield Crack In Modern Car