16 of the most popular cursed images on the web

Cursed images are rare. They became popular in 2015 and since then social media users have shared them around the web making them go viral for almost no reason at all.

Cursed images are in a way creepy, weird, odd and blurry from cameras used in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The images sometimes have a date on them and have that creepy image look and feel.

With current and updated camera technology cursed images are harder and harder to find, here are 16 of the most popular cursed images found on the web today.

This man hits a statue in this cursed image. 

man hitting statue

Man that looks like Mario wears Mario suit. 

man in mario suit

This person wears a home made nearly all reflective suit making him invisible. 

man in reflective costume

This person barfed in front of a picture of Jesus, making it the perfect cursed image.

man puking in front of jesus

This picture went viral for being cursed because it’s a man fully enclosed and rolled up in duct tape. It does appear that his nose is uncovered so he can still breathe.

man rolled up in duct tape

Man wears creepy pink shark costume. 

pink shark costume

The mother of this family gave birth with her whole family inside an air filled tub of water, making it the perfect cursed image, and strange to be honest.

woman giving birth in tub

Cats on a staircase where the flash of the camera sees the reflection of their eyes, this makes the perfect cursed cats image.

cats on staircase

This baby is seen laughing at meat going through the grinder. I wonder how the baby ended up growing up?

cursed baby and meat grinder

The sheep in the dark reminds me of modern day cult life.

cursed sheep in the dark

This couple painted themselves green to look like Shrek, making them a part of the perfect cursed image. 

cursed shrek family

Someone put a bunch of stuffed toys on this creepy tree in the woods, it’s unsure why, that’s why it’s cursed.

cursed tree stuffed teddy bears

This person painted himself green to look like Shrek, but it didn’t seem to work out.

green shrek man

This horse appears to be falling in this dark and dust filled camera lens making this the perfect cursed image.

horse in the dark

This person took his food to the bathtub, did he eat it or just let it float there? Weird.

hotdog bread in bathtub

And lastly this kid sits just weird. 

kid sitting weird

when you look like a crow

Dr. Deena Hinshaw looks very much like a crow

roblox road kill cursed meme

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