11 Memes of cursed, creepy and outright scary cats

If you have a pet cat you may think that your cat is super loveable and cuddly, but in reality when you’re not around or away from home then your cat is being cursed, creepy and extremely scary.

Here we found 11 memes that prove this. The memes in this list fit perfectly together with the images from the cats. Be aware if you have a pet cat. Share them with your cat loving friends to give them the same warning.

My cat after we listen to some heavy metal

cat heavy metal cused

Did someone say catnip and chill?

cat nip and chill meme

This little dog better watch out, the cat is thinking “soon”

cat wants to eat dog meme

When you’re turning on the cat, my cat isn’t paying me enough attention so I improvised

creepy cat cursed

Just walk away… this doesn’t concern you. 

creepy cat meme

The cat is sitting on the staircase thinking you’re home early and your brain looks delicious. 

funny cat meme

Everything is going according to plan

scary cat cursed meme

When the cat watches you sleep all night. 

watched you sleep all night

This person is mocking this poor cat who went through some hard times. 

wierd cat meme

This cat basically wants to eat any child. 

angry cat meme

When your dog is not the main problem

beware of cat

wednesday funny cursed cat meme

We all hate Wednesday so it’s cursed

when you look like a crow

Dr. Deena Hinshaw looks very much like a crow