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  • foot love

    The New 2022 Trend is Foot Love

    Do you like feet? You’re in luck, here’s a cursed meme involving feet. Gross right? YUP! For me, maybe not for you, maybe you like feet but that’s none of my business. This foot loving meme is the perfect image to share with your loving friends or lover if you’re into that. Share this cursed […] More

  • cursed foot

    Cursed Food Made Of Meatloaf And Onions

    Would you cook this foot? Don’t worry, it’s just meatloaf and onions. Foot and toenails. This cursed image is defiantly the definition of cursed food images. The way the red color stands out makes it much worse because it’s almost the same color as blood. Please don’t make cursed food like this people! More

  • cursed people hugging

    Cursed Parrot Wants Some Loving

    This cursed image is kind of weird one. The image is of someone wearing a parrot suit and looking at the camera in a creepy type of way. The parrot appears to flex to the camera because he has the attention of a girl who seems to be happy the way she is smiling. This […] More

  • Monday Dog Memes

    Monday Dog Memes That Will Get You Ready For Work

    Monday dog memes work to get our spirits up for one reason, they are CUTE! Dog memes can make us smile and get our spirits up as we get ready to work on Monday morning. Don’t let Monday hit you with a ton of bricks, just wake up, laugh at some memes and head on […] More

  • Sleeping with fan on

    People who sleep with fan on are cursed

    Does your better half sleep with the fan on in the room? There’s probably a reason they keep the fan on, most likely to move air and have some flowing air while sleeping. But people who leave the fan on when it’s cold outside are cursed. Stay away from them! But first, share this funny […] More

  • Monday meme

    Hot Popular

    Funny Monday Memes To Help You Start The Work Week

    It’s Monday and you’re just starting your week at work. The weekend went by way too fast and now it’s time to focus on work. Funny Monday memes are a great way to start Monday and help you get a jump start. Funny Monday memes are also a great way to get motivation to get […] More

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