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    When The Helicopter Gives Birth Meme

    Have you ever seen some weird looking helicopters? This helicopter meme puts together two choppers to make a cursed meme. 9 months later and the birth of a smaller helicopter is made from scratch. More

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    Turning Down The Volume To See Better Meme

    We all do this and our best friends make fun of us for doing this. Have you ever tried parking your vehicle and then turning down the volume of the radio thinking you will see better? This funny driving meme is so accurate on many levels. More

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    Shovel VS Diesel Powered Assault Shovel

    Will all the school shootings going on politicians are quick to make judgements. They all of a sudden want to ban all guns because of some bad people. What they don’t understand is that the problem is people, not guns. That’s what this meme tries to explain in logical terms, a small hand shovel depicts […] More

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    Gas Prices Are Cursed Meme

    Gas prices have broken records for being too expensive! When you put $20 bucks in your gas tanks and it does from lowercase e to uppercase E then there’s something wrong. Therefore gas prices are cursed. I put $20 gas in my truck and the needle barely moves! More

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    18 Of The Internet’s Most Cursed Emoji Memes

    If you’ve been online in the past few years by not living under a rock, you’ve no doubt come across the cursed emoji meme. This little guy has caused nothing but trouble for anyone who’s dared to use him. The cursed emoji meme is a series of images featuring a particular emoji that is considered […] More

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    Liberals love to yell and scream

    Liberals are cursed by default because they like to yell and scream when they get offended. When Donald Trump became president they said they were going to move to Canada, when Joe Rogan made videos that offended liberals they threatened to leave Spotify, and when Elon Musk made the announcement to buy Twitter they said […] More

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    We can’t stop laughing at people who wear masks alone in their car

    Have you seen people driving alone in their car while wearing a mask? They are most definitely cursed like hell. There’s two reasons people not want to wear a mask while driving. 1, you look stupid, 2, it won’t save your life. In this hilarious cursed meme we can’t stop laughing because it mocks the […] More

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